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About Down Jacket Repair
and our Repair Patch Kits

Our Repair Patches

Have you ever snagged or torn your lovely (expensive) down jacket or sleeping bag? Are you looking for a quick, easy, unobtrusive and lasting repair that doesn’t spoil its softness and feel? Our self-adhesive rip-stop nylon down repair patches are the solution.

Our original patch kits ship with a variety of (differently sized) circular and oval patches, suitable for a satisfying repair to anything from a small “snag” to fair-sized hole (five “circles” from 1.6cm to 4.1cm diameter and two “ovals” the smaller 3.8cm x 5.7cm and the larger 4.5cm x 6.2cm).

We currently stock 25 different colours, so take you pick. Either try for the closest colour-match you can find or be “bold” and go for a funky contrast! (Due to the variety of colours and fabrics out there, we obviously cannot guarantee an exact match, and those shown on this site are approximations only).

If you can’t find that perfect colour-match or you want a fun repair alternative, our space themed patches are still strong and super-soft. 10 colours to choose from – for “out-of-this-world” jacket repairs: two alien heads, 2 crescent moons, 2 small stars, 1 large star and  2 rockets.

Happy patching!

Our Range

Goose Down Top-Up - Down Jacket Repair Kit for Repairing Holes and Tears in Down Jackets and Outdoor Gear

First Aid Patches for your Down Jacket
Sleeping Bags, Ski Trousers


Patches for your down jacket and sleeping bag.


We will send the patches out to you by first class post.


Apply patch and your jacket will be repaired in under a minute!

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